Sunday, May 10, 2009

Current Utilitarian Influences (with one exception)

I am influenced by so many things around and me and this is just a tid bit of what goes through my brain. I'll post more once I process the rest.

Lorna Meaden

Her work made me wonder about soda atmosphere during firings as well as working with a lighter clay body and leaving some clay unglazed. I love the workability of stoneware but wanted something lighter to kick up the color.

Rob Sutherland

His work really got my gears going about texture and functional wear.

Meredith Host

Glazing doesnt have to be so damn complicated (although she probably takes awhile to glaze these guys...but they look effortless!) I love glazing and I found myself not wanting to glaze because of how long it took me. Everyone would glaze with ease while I took 3 days to glaze. Her polka dots also inspired me to experiment with my own dots. Best thing ever.

Kristen Kieffer

One Word: Craftsmanship

Ryan Greenheck

I've always been a "bowl" kind of person, not a cylinder. I love forms with volume and tension.

Julia GallowayWhat doesnt inspire me when I see her work?

Last but not least Virgina Scotchie

I have a battle between sculptural and functional going on in my head. Her work is helping me through it.