Friday, November 27, 2009

To Flatter:

These are a few images from my Senior Show in Nov.
Its called "To Flatter:"
It was held in the gallery at our University. Its called the "back room" gallery. Its called this because it is located right off the main gallery space.
I was super excited to show my work in this space because in the "main" gallery space was a Ceramics show by Erin Furimsky.
I love her work and admire her!
I feel so lucky and honored to show in a space even NEAR her work.
(pics of her show soon)

It makes me that much more aware that THIS is what I want to do with the rest of my be an make for myself and to just be happy.

View of the gallery space.

Senior Show Progress.

My work has completely changed from what I was doing in Aug.
Why did my work change? It changed because my life changed completely and because of that the way I looked at my work changed. I became less uptight and proper. I "jumped off the cliff" and let myself go. Caring too much can hinder ones thought process.

Its almost Dec! Holy Moly
I've already had my senior show. It was pretty successful. I received alot of great feedback from many people.
Here are a few shots of the peices in progress. (green and bisque)

I've completely let symmetry go and focused on the movement of the clay in my hands whilst throwing. The "puff" forms are inhabiting the vessels and function is no longer available.