Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I've been trying out silica sand. I love the sugar quality. This is just the beginning. I think I'm going to slow down on the massive sculptural peices and work primarly on function. I felt like I needed to get this urge to "remove function" out for a bit and now I'm ready to get back to making pots!

Sand is just another texture. Something to grasp on to. Literally. :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Official Pictures of My Senior Show Work

Just a few

Detail Shot

Detail Shot

Artist Statement

The vessel’s purpose is to contain. We use the vessel to hold our mundane collection of things; our clutter. Throwing our car keys into a dish when we get home, saving our pocket change in a jar or gathering all of the pens and keeping them in that one tall cup. These rituals in one’s life are what I’m investigating. What if the vessel is already full? Can one still contain?
My work is an exploration of accumulation and the vessel that surrounds it. In a blink of an eye clutter can easily multiply and overpower its home. The vessel deforms to accommodate the clutters needs; bending, twisting, trying to conform for its contents. It becomes a struggle for control. A struggle to contain the chaos of one’s assortment of inadequate objects that is gathered in life. Does the vessel ever succeed in this struggle? We always seem to be in need of another container.