Thursday, May 20, 2010

Website Up! (and other new happenings)

First! I finally had time last week to sit for a few days and work on my new website.
Work, moving and planning for my San Diego trip have been dominating my life recently so getting some free time for myself was a breath of fresh air. Enjoy!

Secondly, My Etsy Store is up and running again. I stocked it with a bunch of new work that I've been developing.

Lastly but surely not least, I got published in an online design magazine called Nesting Newbies. I looked through the mag and there are so many talented designers and artists highlighted in it. I am honored to be apart of it! Take a look.
Go to page 134-135 and you will see my bowl hanging out on the chair.
Pamela Hall is the designer that included it in her home. She does great work.

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